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Own manufacturing strips

FLINSA achieves 40 years of experience in cold rolling of steel strip. This extensive experience means that along with a few others in northern Spain we are able to offer a highly qualified range of materials covered by EN 10139 Standard.

The cold reducing process confers a number of improvements over the original material of great value: outstanding surface quality and regularity in the thickness, improving the mechanical properties conferred by the elongated grain over the equiaxial grain and the possibility to manufacture materials with reduced thickness tolerances.

The rolling process is completed with a facility for continuous monitoring of the thickness (up to 0,004 mm) which is operated by two radioactive isotope equipments (registered in the Nuclear Safety Council “CSN”), achieving a high control process to provide the highest quality in our products.

The full cold rolling process consists of the following operations: slitting of the coil, cold rolling, annealing on bell furnaces, skin pass (temperate) and cut slitting of strip to the final width.